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Traces of prehistoric and Roman settlement have been found within the bounds of the parish, notably the remains of a substantial Roman building at Wickham Park, and a sub-Roman occupation site close to the Broughton road

The first English settlers probably reached the northern part of the county during the 5th century, and the name Banbury suggests a settlement early in the Anglo-Saxon period: it has been usually taken to mean the burh (fortification, stockaded enclosure, earthwork) of Ban(n)a, a personal name otherwise recorded only in Banningham.

The earliest general reference to Banbury’s puritanism is in an English translation of Camden’s Britannia, published in 1610, which declared that the town was noted for its cheese, cakes, and zeal.

n 1628 Banbury was devastated by fire. Over 100 houses were destroyed which was about one-third of those in the town.

Banbury also suffered severe damage during the civil war 1642-1646. Royalists soldiers occupied Banbury castle in October 1642. The parliamentarians laid siege from July to October 1644 but they failed to capture the castle. A second siege took place from January to May 1646. This time Banbury Castle surrendered.

In 1646 a writer said Banbury had ‘scarce the one half (of its buildings) stand to gaze on the ruins of the other’. Parliament gave the town 300 pounds worth of timber to rebuild the buildings. The townspeople were also given the stone from the castle, which was demolished in 1648. By the late 17th century Banbury recovered.

Parr was hung in 1746 and his body was closed up in an iron cage – suspended from a pole at the rodside – it was left for everyone to see – and left to rot.

Report: 18 June 2019 @ 18:30

BASE EMF: 000 Start

END TEMP: 19.5

David – a spirit was picked up in the large room and took a like to Jade and would respond to answering questions through the crystal and dowsing rods.
David was from around the 1860’s from what we have picked up.
There were other people mentioned within the building but they would not come through and talk to us.

Margaret, David, Lucy where the prominent names.
On the thermal camera there are 2 photos that are worth looking at, as one of the Nursery Team is surrounded by a glow – again, not ruled in or out of the the paranormal.

Liam was drawn to the middle room more than any other room.

When Liam arrived and first went into the office he felt like there were children around him, the team had picked up on children through the ghost box (which was completed before Liam arrived at 7:02)

On some of the video there is some banging which is very clear. This has not been ruled in or out, as the video does not pick up the whole room, so therefore cannot explain what people where doing in the room.

Whilst checking temperature on the Non Contact Thermometer – the temperature in front of Liam was 26 Degrees and when checked approx 2 feet lower temperature was 20 degrees – nothing was recorded on thermal.


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