The Old Morgue

The Morgue

The Old Morgue Worcester - Now a Holistic Centre with a Dark Secret!

Many things happen deep within the building, from doors moving to shadow figures that move around, the voices that are heard and the feeling of coldness is often felt…
The spirits that pass through, the ones that hide, the ones that lurk and the one’s that touch. Dare you enter into the building?

Exclusive Ghost Hunting & Filming

Not only will you Investigate with Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Investigators but You will have access to Specialised Ghost Hunting Equipment.

Whilst you are investigating deep into the night, you will be able to film using professional Canon Cameras! Once edited you will be able to purchase a copy of the Film!

The Morgue
The Dark Window
The Morgue

Dates To be Released Soon - Limited Tickets Available For This Event

Standard Ticket Price: £49.00 per person

Ghost Investigation with Full Use of All Specialised Ghost Hunting Equipment

Enhanced Ticket Price: £69.00 per person

Enhanced Ticketing Includes The Use of Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment and a Copy of the Video Once Edited.

Our Onsite Investigation Includes The Following Equipment

EMFs EVPs Spirit Box Dowsing Spirit Board Seance Night Vision Camera 360 Camera Video Thermal Laser Detection Infra Detection 


Our Onsite Investigation Includes The Following Activities

Protection Circles Seances Spirit Boards Energy Circles EVP Sessions Crystal Dowsing Lone Vigils


Just remember, that you only have to do what you want to do!