Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The Ghosts Unlimited will endeavour to supply the services on the booked date as advertised.
  • Tickets are non exchangeable or refundable.
  • Ghosts Unlimited operate a no smoking policy. This condition also includes electronic cigarettes.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited has a zero tolerance policy for any disruptive behaviour on our events and walks. Out of fairness to all other attendees at the event or walk any customer found to being disruptive during the event or unpleasant towards other customers and staff, they will be removed from the event.
  • Any customer found causing harm, injury or damage to any other person, animal, property at a venue will be removed from the event. 
  • Any customer removed from an event will not be entitled to a refund.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited reserves the right to remove any customer who arrives at an event or walk and is suspected (by any member of the team) to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or suspected of bringing alcohol or drugs to the event/walk.
  • Breathalysers may be used on entry to a venue if a customer is suspected, by any member of the team, to be under the influence of alcohol. Failure to cooperate will result in the customer being removed from the event. No refund will be issued. 
  • The walk/event always departs/starts on time, and cannot wait for latecomers.
  • Please note that we do not accept bookings from stag or hen groups, or party groups of a similar nature (please use PRIVATE Booking Form)
  • It takes place whatever the weather (tickets are non exchangeable or refundable)
  • The Ghost Walk and Nightwatch/Ghost Adventures events  lasts for 90 minutes approximately  and there are no toilet breaks or interval on public walks/events.
  • All sites and locations are subject to availability and can be changed without prior notice.
  • All the stories that you may hear are based on real events, real people and actual historical events.
  • The route(s) is not suitable for people with walking difficulties or wheelchair users (please contact our booking centre on 01788 461 154 or 0844 202 4157 or +44 844 202 4157 to discuss alternative routes).
  • No Dogs allowed unless Guide or Assistance Dogs (please contact our booking centre on 01788 461 154 or 0844 202 4157 or +44 844 202 4157 to discuss your requirements).
  • All audience members are responsible for taking care crossing all roads.
  • The Walk/Event is strictly adults (18+) and proof of age may be requested. We do allow children on the Walk/Events when they are accompanied by an adult.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited reserve the right to refuse admission.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited reserve the right to cancel or suspend a performance without issuing advance notice. In the event of a cancellation a transfer will be offered.
  • Please consider other audience members by switching off mobile phones and refraining from smoking or vaping. Anyone causing a disturbance to the Tour  Leader or Audience will be asked to leave the performance (no refund will be offered )
  • Minimum numbers per public Ghost Walk or Nightwatch/Ghost Adventure
  • 7 Ticket sales are the minimum  for a Ghost Walk or Event to go ahead. In the event of insufficient numbers, we will let you know at the earliest possible point.
  • There is no minimum numbers for private or corporate bookings.
  • The customer has the responsibility to bring suitable clothing to match the weather conditions at the time of the event.
  • Discount codes are issued from time to time for promotional purposes. Each code will have its own terms and conditions associated with it and should only be used as advertised by The Haunted World. Some codes will not work on our European site. Please contact our booking centre on 01788 461 154 or 0844 202 4157 or +44 844 202 4157.
  • Gift Vouchers that are purchased through our website are valid for 3 months. After 3 months the security codes are automatically removed from the website.  Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and have the monetary value of £0.001.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited maintains the right to amend ticket prices for an event from time to time for promotional purposes. These promotions are only for new customers booking onto the event and does not entitle anyone who has paid the full price to receive a partial refund. It is sometimes necessary on occasions to reduce ticket fees to ensure an event breaks even thus avoiding cancelling the event. 
  •  Places can be reserved on The Haunted World website. Deposits will vary in value per event and all details will be on display at time of booking.
  • All deposits are non-refundable. Deposit fees alone do not confirm a customers place on an event, it is merely a holding fee.
  • Remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to the event, failure to pay on time may result in places being cancelled without any refund offered.
  • Full payment of the booking fee must be received prior to the event taking place.
  • The Haunted World pays for all locations in advance of you attending. The Haunted World cannot claim refunds back from a venue that has been paid to them for your attendance should you no longer be able to attend.
  • Cancellations critically affect event viability and operation of our events which can cause an event to be cancelled if refunds were made, which inconveniences other attendees, The Haunted World and venue owners. 
  • Places will only be confirmed on receipt of full and final payment of the required total booking fee.
  • If a customer cancels the entire booking or part booking from point of sale for whatever reason, can no longer make the date, or fails to turn up on the event then the entire booking fee will be retained by The Haunted World and is non-transferable.
  • If the customer reduces the number of persons attending the event, then the corresponding booking fees will be retained.
  • The Haunted World operate a no smoking policy at any event. In the event of the venue offering a smoking location, this will be the only place you are allowed to smoke. This term also includes electronic cigarettes.
  • Candles and other potential fire hazards (as deemed by The Haunted World) are prohibited from use during events. Any customer found in possession of said items will be removed from the event without any refund being offered.
  • Where an event is moved or re-scheduled by the venue owners/management outside of our control,  Ghosts Unlimited reserves the right to refuse any refund and a date transfer will be offered. 
  • Any expenses, including but not limited to travel and accommodation incurred as a result of the event/walk being cancelled or postponed will not be refunded. The Haunted World advises that hotel rooms be booked under a flexible rate/and or holiday insurance to protect yourself from Hotel cancellation charges. 
  • Any part of the event due to take place wholly or partially in the open air/outside could be affected by adverse or unsuitable weather conditions on the date of the event. In such cases The Haunted World reserves the right to:
    • Relocate the event to an area which is considered more suitable 
    • cancel any part of the event entirely. The customer will be informed as soon as possible.
  • The customer has the responsibility to bring suitable clothing to match the weather conditions at the time of the event.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited will not be liable for changes to the planned event due to restrictions placed on us by the owners/management of the venue, including without limitation any restrictions on accessing parts of the venue. This includes venues asking guests to sign waivers to access area for their own protection.
  • The Haunted World reserves to cancel/postpone any event which has not reach the minimum capacity. The minimum capacity is deemed by  Ghosts Unlimited on an event by event basis.
  • Where the event is postponed by  Ghosts Unlimited, a new date will be arranged and the customer notified as soon as possible. If the new date(s) is unsuitable, the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid for that date. Excludes any third party expenses.
  • There are no sleeping facilities at the venues unless otherwise stated on the event listing. The event as advertised will clearly indicate when accommodation is included in the cost.
  • Where sleeping on location is available, as advertised as a sleepover.  Ghosts Unlimited cannot guarantee that a bed or bedding is available at the location. It is up to each guest to provide themselves with sleeping bags and air mattresses or similar.
  • Due to restrictions imposed by most venues, pregnant women are not allowed to attend The Haunted World events.
  • Any customer removed from an event or walk will not be entitled to a refund. 
  • Any area of a venue that has not been made available to The Haunted World will be made clear to all customers at the beginning of the event. Any customer found to be knowingly trespassing in said areas will be removed from the event immediately, with no refund offered.
  • Our staff and consultants are all professional in conduct, however, any and all statements made by our staff are the sole opinion of the individual and in no way reflect the opinions or policies, stated or otherwise of  Ghosts Unlimited.
  • No perceived predictions, information or comments made by our staff or mediums should be interpreted as factual. You, the customer is responsible for making your own decisions and it is understand that when our staff or mediums suggest something to you, it is only an opinion, and should NOT be interpreted as the only course of action.
  • You agree that any and all services provided by  Ghosts Unlimited are for entertainment purposes only. Though we aim to give you, the customer the most genuine experience, we cannot and will not guarantee the behaviour of the unknown. Furthermore, we cannot make any guarantees about the validity/truth behind you experiences on the night. However,  Ghosts Unlimited endeavours to provide a well organised event with a spiritual and scientific outlook, conducted under carefully controlled conditions. The Haunted World and its staff will never fake paranormal activity, nor encourage or tolerate guests to be found doing the same.
  • The customer agrees to indemnify  Ghosts Unlimited against all liability in respect of costs, claims, damages, demands, penalties, actions, proceedings, suits, losses or expenses in respect or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, damage to any property arising from the Customer’s own neglect.
  • All luggage, clothing, equipment, vehicles and personal effects belonging to the customer are their own responsibility. The Haunted World accepts no responsibility for safe custody of Customer’s property, or for its loss, damage or theft, however caused.
  • Property also includes any ghost hunting equipment brought to the event by the customer.
  •  Due to restrictions imposed by some venues, photography or filming may not always be permitted on events. The customer will be informed at the start the event where said activities are restricted by the venue.
  • Any customer found to be taking part in restricted activities as mentioned above may be removed from the event without any refund being offered.
  •  Ghosts Unlimited have the right to photograph and film at any location within the laws and rules of the location. If yourself would like to photograph/video our tour(s) then written permission will be required from our head office.
  • Ghost hunting equipment, provided on events for customers to use by  Ghosts Unlimited becomes the sole responsibility of the customer when they are handling it. Any loss that The Haunted World suffers as a result of lost, damaged or defective ghost hunting equipment, arising as a result of a customer’s reckless actions will be recovered from the customer. The customer is liable for any item of ghost hunting equipment entrusted to them during the event.
  • We permit attendees to bring along their own battery operated hand-held ghost hunting equipment should they have this. But The Haunted World should be able to inspect this equipment for safety and maintains the right to refuse the use of certain pieces of equipment. Any decision made is final. No equipment that require an electricity supply (either to operate with or to be charged up on location) may be brought along. Any attendee using their own equipment is marked to avoid any confusion about ownership.
  • If you book any of our advertised hotels, please note that you will be taken of The Haunted World web site and  Ghosts Unlimited does not have any jurisdiction over the booking and is not liable in any way and is not connected with the booking under any circumstances. The information is only offered as a point of interest. 
  • The monthly news letter is normally sent out the first week of each month.  Ghosts Unlimited hold the right to terminate the newsletter at any time and remove any subscribers from the list. We will not send out more than one Email per month. Deals within the newsletter will be on a first come first served basis and will not be available with any other offer. We do not gather any personal information from our form service. The only information we hold is your name and email address.
  • Tarot Card Readings are only offered as a service, and Ghosts Unlimited will not Guarantee the information to be accurate or law binding. The interpretation is completely up-to yourself. Once your reading has been completed, either by phone or email, no refund will be given. As By Law, this reading is for entertainment purposes only.
  • (Payment Plans)
     Ghosts Unlimited will complete a security check on all applicants. This check will not affect your credit rating.
    Payment Plans are not guaranteed and are subject to acceptance.
    The balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to the event, failure to pay may result in place(s) being cancelled with no refund offered.
    Places will only be confirmed on receipt on full and final payment of the required total booking fee.
    It is your responsibility to remain up-to date with payments. Failure to keep up repayments may result in your account being closed. If  Ghosts Unlimited Closes an account no refund will be offered.
     We cannot accept messages of cancellations by way any social media. If you need to cancel an event please use our contact us form or telephone our booking office on 0844 202 4157 or +44 844 202 4157 or Local Call on 01788 461 154
    A one of non-refundable charge of £5 will be charged on set up to your account balance.

    • All event bookings made through  Ghosts Unlimited constitutes your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions in full.
    • These terms of contract cannot be varied in any way by the parties to this agreement unless expressly agreed in writing with  Ghosts Unlimited.

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