The Lock Up – Steelhouse Lane Birmingham


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Steelhouse Lane Prison has an oppressive and chilling atmosphere.  There is a harshness here with a sense of dread and foreboding making it a challenge for those who dare to spend the night within the walls of the infamous Steelhouse lane Lock up. Chilling screams can be heard from the darkened cells and the sound of hobnailed boots are often heard as if someone is pacing in the empty cells.

Steelhouse Lane is one of the oldest lock ups in the country with a Grade 2 listed status which means many of the original feature such as the wooden cell doors cannot be changed. The foreboding interior is basic and retains its original Victorian features throughout the levels, landings and cells. After entering the gaol contact with the outside world is lost within the stark surroundings of this 120 year old prison.  It once was the most feared place in Birminghams slums.  In the basement an underground tunnel provides a secure link to the adjacent Victorian Courts, continuing their fateful journey to a harsh justice.

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Steelhouse Lane Lock Up

Sat 7th Dec 08.00pm-01.00am