St Johns Haunted Mansion – Warwick


St Johns Mansion – Warwick

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St Johns House is thought to be haunted by many spirits but in particular there are two sisters who are vociferous in their attempts to drive people away from visiting the Mansion.

It is thought two sisters bot met tragic ends at the house, one was burnt to death when her clothing caught light while trying to dry herself by an open fire and the other fell ill after the house was broken into and many believe she literally died of fright.

Some of the paranormal activity within the burning building includes ghostly footsteps and voices thought to belong to young girls. Over the years the figure of a woman has also been seen wearing long clothing and almost oblivious of anybody else.
Children have been seen wondering the corridors of St Johns House. Their laughter is often heard as is the sound them running around.
There is a spirit of a man who is violent towards women which was picked up in the cellar. You will find figures lurking in the corners and doors will bang for no reason.

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St Johns Mansion - Warwick

Sat 18 May 9:00pm-01:00, Sat 20 Jun 2020 9.00pm-01.00am