Paranormal TV

Be The Star of Paranormal TV

A Once In A Life Time Experience
TV Experience
TV Experience
tv experience
Very Limited Tickets Available

Welcome to the World of Paranormal TV Where You Will Become the Star of The Show!

Experience a Paranormal TV Experience Where You Will Join Our Paranormal Crew and Become the Start of The Show.

As Part of the Crew You Will Experience Everything from Unloading to Setting Up Equipment, Using TV Camera’s to Shoot The Paranormal.

On the Experience You Will Be Treated Like Our Paranormal Crew Members, Using All the Same Equipment That We Use!
We Will Show You Behind The Scenes and Once the Experience Is Completed You Will Receive the Edited Footage… A Complete Program and You Will Also Appear In The Credits of The Show!

TV Experience
TV Experience

At This Exclusive Event, which will start at around 3:00pm where you will be taken for a meal and a drink, sign the paperwork, and then onto the location… where we will begin to unload and set up the equipment… 

You will be filming and investigating in the Heart of Worcester in a former funeral home where the activity is high and the dark shadows are seen, voices heard and the air is cold.

The Experience Starts at 3:00pm and Continues until around 3:00am 
Tea Coffee and Snacks are Provided Through-out The Night.