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Mystery Locations Various

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

Visit one of our many haunted Mystery locations around the UK.
Each location will hold onto something special, a dark past, a murder, hangings or perhaps that of torture.
On these events you will have access to ghost hunting equipment.
If you are looking for  the sight of ghosts, the feelings of despair, the shadows, the voices, apparitions or something more why not enter a mystery location.
Our haunted Mystery locations include dark woods, ancient burial grounds, haunted lakes, old ruins, haunted cemetery’s, battle-grounds and areas of historical and national interest.

St Mary's Abbey Kenilworth

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

The Abbey of St Mary was founded around 1119 for Augustinian Canons and was closed by King Henry VIII’s dissolution in 1538. By 1600 most of its buildings had been dismantled, although some parts survive, both above and below ground.
Many witnesses have seen a wicked Monk walking around the gatehouse and witnesses also claim that they have been pushed whilst walking around the grounds.
The sights of ladies walking through the graveyard, the nurses that are seen and the eerie mists seen floating across the pathways and the sounds screams, horses, fighting, the gun shots and strange smells are all very common.

Lake & Woodlands Berkswell

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

The 16-feet deep stone walled well near the 12th century church can still be seen today and is thought to have been used for baptisms by immersion. The church of St John the Baptisy dates from 12th century and was built on an earlier site of a Saxon church.
A little known fact about Berkswell, is that when the railway was built and the sidings put in many royal and famous people slept at the trains including Sir Winston Churchill. 
There are many hauntings from the 15th century people in the woods, to more modern hauntings in the graveyard, including a groundsman who is often seen wondering through the graves.

  • Haunted Mystery Locations          Night Watchevent
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour
  • St Mary’s Abbey Ruins                   Night Watchevent
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour
  • Lake and Woodlands                      Night Watchevent
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour

Warwick St Mary's Cemetery

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

St Mary’s Church and Cemetery is steeped in history, ghosts and spirits. There are many here from the man in the black cloak – who likes blondes, the crying nun, the guard who is still walking round protecting the church, the man who likes to be seen and then vanishes and the spirit of a young man who throw himself of the roof of the church. There are many fascinating stories to the church and the church has some very powerful people buried inside. You will also find a restored ducking stool down in the depths of the crypts. Whilst investigating who will you find?

Haunted Riverside Stratford

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

Stratford-on-avon has many stories associated with it. Olive Bennet walked her last steps here before being strangled, thrown into the river and held down by a tombstone stolen from the church. Figures have been witnessed by unsuspecting people running along the toe-paths, is this the murderer of Olive?
People have seen splashing in the water when there is no one there and witnesses have seen a lady crying, the sound of singing,  whispering in the shadows and an eerie feeling when you walk into the park and the feeling of being watched.

The Catacombs Birmingham

Single Ticket £12.95 2 For £21.95

Witnesses claim to have spoken to a young man in an army style trench coat near the catacombs. During conversation, the young man referred to the Dudley Road Hospital as “The Infirmary”, a name not used for the hospital since 1948. When the witness walked away and turned to look again, he had disappeared. Given that many times in Warstone’s history bodies were dug up and re-buried, it is little wonder the area is haunted. It was known in the early 18th century as ‘Dead Mans Lane’ and it is possible that at some point a Gallows would have been situated nearby.

  • St Mary’s Cemetery
  • Nightwatch Event
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour
  • Stratford Riverside and Church   Nightwatch Event
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour
  • Birmingham Catacombs               Nightwatch Event
  • Haunted Location 1.5 hour