Matthew – Bio

Matthew - Bio

Matthew is the original founder of Ghosts Unlimited UK Ltd and has been seeing and communicating with the spirit world since the age of 7.

Matthew had a very difficult childhood, at the age of 10 Matthew’s older brother was involved in a very serious road traffic accident where his older brother had many hours of brain surgery and part of the brain removed. His brother was in hospital for around 2 years, on life support, in a coma and had meningitis three times. He also had a serious break on his leg and a collapsed lung.
Matthew’s brother spent many years in re-rehabilitation where he had to learn everything again, from walking and talking to everything that we take for granted. He now lives in sheltered accommodation, where there are careers on site 24 hours a day.
As a result Matthew’s parents eventually ended up divorced, but after all that, Matthew moved on with life and studied many subjects and becoming an International Astrologer, studying at the Institute of Astrology. Matthew also found time to study Witchcraft, Wicca, Occultism, Spiritual Connections. and Obtaining his Diploma in Ghost Hunting & Scientific Analysis – passing at 100% Pass Rate! Whilst doing all that Matthew became a qualified Web Designer, he also studied Business Studies, Computers, Computer Science and Information Technology amongst other subjects.

Over the years Matthew has done many different jobs from including being a security organiser for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and whilst organising security for all the commonwealth sites he also was asked to carry the Commonwealth Torch around Manchester City Centre. 

Along the way, Matthew has been involved in security for International Diplomats to CEO’s of Multinational companies to Government Figures. Matthew moved away from security many years ago and has been warehouse manager, shop manager and a cleaning manager.
As Matthew went through life he married Donna had two children, both who are very interested in the afterlife, crystals and the spirit world. The older out of the two loves crystals and has a vast collection and she is now beginning to acknowledge more and more that there is an afterlife and there are people out there who want to talk to her. The younger out of the two is fascinated with haunted objects, ghosts and wants to be a Ghost Hunter in the future.
Matthew always wanted to own his company, and in 2017 set up Ghosts Unlimited UK Ltd. The company has grown over the years from starting out with 1 ghost tour to now having around 7 different ghost tours, 7 Ghost Events and around 10 overnight venues for Ghost Hunting as well as introducing new events such Haunted X and TV X.
When the company was set up, the ethos of the company was a simple one and that ethos was ‘to bring the paranormal to everyday life and make it accessible to everyone’.
Matthew loves to get involved in all aspects of Ghosts Unlimited, from running the company to completing tours and events and being the face of Ghosts Unlimited: Investigates.

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