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Olivia - Clown Doll
Olivia - Haunted Clown Doll

Olivia - Haunted Doll

Name: Olivia
Reference Number: GU/HA/4946/7
Positive/Negative Effect
Acquired: 11/03/19

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Olivia has been in our collection for several months. She is kept in our attic with our other negative spirits.She resides in a permanent salt circle to keep her activity to a minimal. 
Olivia was sent to us by a young lady in the West Midlands down in England. She collected Wiccan dolls and haunted dolls.

Once Olivia was settled into the home her owner felt every time she came home that someone else was in the home, there was an identifiable cold presence throughout the home.
Her owner became paranoid, checking around every door – any dark corner of the room began to make her even more convinced that something was standing there.
She began to write down a dream journal as her nightmares seem to project into hallucinations where she claimed to see a short figure standing behind her bedroom door.

The owner conducted a Ouija board session with the clown doll, the only information she was able to retrieve was:

“Olivia” “Says” “Hello” “Behind” “You”

Chelsea - Doll
Chelsea - Haunted Doll
Hedi - Doll
Hedi - Haunted Doll
Rose - Doll
Rose - Haunted Doll

Name: Chelsea
Reference Number: GU/HA/10815/2
Negative Effect
Acquired: 09/07/17

Name: Heidi
Reference Number: GU/HA/6579/4
Acquired: 07/06/17

Name: Rose
Reference Number: GU/HA/2277/9
Positive Effect
Acquired: 23/08/18

Nancy - Haunted Doll

Name: Nancy
Reference Number: GU/HA/7966/10
Mischievious Effect
Acquired: 07/06/17

Nancy - Doll
Nancy - Haunted Doll




Nancy was bought by Ghosts Unlimited from an Undisclosed Location.

The owner told us that she was a very mischievous doll and would hide things around the house, sometimes not finding items for weeks and when they did find hidden items they would be in strange places. She gave us an example of the scissors going missing and finding them in a set of drawers that they rarely used and they were adamant that they did not put the scissors here.

There were other items that went missing such as screwdrivers, knives and again, often found in strange places such as storage cupboards that did not really get used. They even found a knife in the attic. They were having work completed to the house, and they had to go into the attic and this is when they found the missing knife.

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