The Fascination With Ghost Hunting...

Over the years Ghost Hunting as become more popular and people want to know more.

There are many TV programmes that have help Ghost Hunting become popular including Ghost Adventures, Help, My House is Haunted and Most Haunted to name but a few.

You will find that our Ghost Hunting events are light-hearted, welcoming and informative.
Ghosts Unlimited keep everything real and it is your experience for you to remember.

We welcome people from all walks of life, all different belief systems and even the ones that do not believe. We welcome sensitives, mediums and investigators to join us on our investigations.

Ghosts Unlimited incorporates all this into the events, and whilst you are on our events, you to may experience something that you cannot explain but what Ghosts Unlimited will not do is make you believe.

Enjoy your experience with our world inspired team of professionals who are there to help and guide you…

All Equipment Supplied

Lord Leycester
Coventry Special Ghost Tour

Curious Times

These Curious Times

These Curious Times - Our Business Friends in America

Haunted X

Haunted X

Are You Brave Enough To Enter?

Be The Star

Be The Star of TV

Be The Star In A Paranormal TV Show

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building Events

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