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Are you looking for something exciting and something very different?
Then Look No Further!
Let’s Take You Into A New Experience…

TV Experience
TV Experience
St Johns Haunted Mansion
TV Experience
tv experience

Something New! Something Different!

Ghost Hunting & TV Experience

Are you looking for Something Different? Something Exciting? Something Unique? Something Amazing?

The Complete Experience in Paranormal Investigation, TV and Film Making!
Choose from one our Warwickshire locations Where The Activity is High and Energy is Fun.
You will be involved in everything that a Paranormal Investigation has to offer, from using professional ghost hunting equipment, investigating in groups to using Professional TV Camera’s where you will film everything! 

Using Professional Camera’s Filming the Event.
Directing, filming, Set-Up and Much More.

Using Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment From Ghost Boxes To Night Vision Camera’s and Much More.

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Are You Brave Enough To Film in a Haunted Location… Brave Enough To Search For Ghosts and Spirits?
Are You Brave Enough to Trust Your Work Mates To Help You Out?

On this event you will have professional Paranormal Investigators, Mediums and a Professional Camera Operators and Director(s).
All Equipment Is Supplied.

Prices: From £89.00 per person

No Payment Required To Book

Ghost Walks & Events

Ghost Walks/Events from £95.00
No Payment Needed To Book

Listen to the tales of the hauntings, the dead, the hangings and the murders that happened on the streets you walk today. Listen to the facts about Ghosts and Spirits as you walk in the footsteps of the dead and maybe even famous.
Listen as you are guided through the ancient streets, listen to the history and maybe you will see a shadow as you walk into the haunted graveyard or through the ancient burial sites.

Join The Haunted World on a fascinating whistle stop tour of ghosts, spirits and the dark side of history.

Private Tour Leader *  Walking Tour comes with exclusive stories and history * Investigation Events are based on a real investigation from an investigators point of view * Investigation Events come complete with all equipment needed
Demonstrations as Standard * Questions and Answers

Overnight Hunts

Overnight Events from £54.95 per person 
No Payment Needed To Book

Go in search of a ghost or two. Listen carefully to the team as they tell you tales of the building(s) and what is deep inside. As you walk through the darkness, watching and listening, will you see the shadows, the ghosts or hear the footsteps pass you by.

As you gather for an experiment or two, listen closely to the spiritual side of life, the facts and as you settle into the night,  will you be the one to experience something strange, something different. 
So If You Believe Or If Your Don’t – Join Us if You Dare .

Private Paranormal & Spiritual Team * Full use of All Paranormal Equipment * Evesham Warwick Stratford Leicester
 Full Report including photographs and video 
 Team Events * Fun and Informative
Demonstrations as Standard * Questions and Answers