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Welcome to the Ghosts Unlimited UK and The Haunted World.  
We want to bring the paranormal into everyday life, make it an experience that you will remember for-ever.
From haunted mansions to paranormal ghost tours to the spirits that still walk this earth today, we believe we have something for everyone.
On all our tours, adventures and ghost hunts we supply all your professional ghost hunting equipment including Ghost Boxes, EVPs, EMFs, Dowsing Rods, Crystals, Camera’s, Night Vision, 360 Cams and much more.

 Please note that all tours and events have now been postponed or cancelled.  

We have had to face new and very challenging times and the Prime Minister has shut down the country
which means we cannot  leave  our homes, not have  social  gatherings and even has closed non-essential shops.

We are legally not allowed to operate, and until the lock down has been lifted completely, there is nothing
we can do about this matter.

Also, please remember that our Offices are ClOSED and that everything is run remotely, so it may take longer
than usual to get a response.

We cannot issue refunds or re-book anyone onto any other tour in the future, as we do not know how long restrictions will be in place.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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