The Haunted World

Welcome to the Haunted World and our Award Winning Tours and Events. We want to bring the paranormal into every day life and make it an experience that you will remember for-ever.

From haunted houses to paranormal ghost tours to the spirits that walk the streets, we believe that we have something for everyone. 
Our guided walks, takes you on a journey through the haunted streets, telling you stories of the dead, the hangings, the murders, the spirits that still roam waiting for their stories to be told. You will hear about personal experiences from some of our staff as the lead you through dark alleys and into spooky graveyards.
If you are looking for something more, then why not try out one of our Nightwatch events where you will be introduced into the world of the paranormal and into the world of investigations and mediumship. You will use paranormal equipment and work with professional investigators and mediums. 
If you are brave enough to go that little further, then why not try one of our overnight events where you will enter a haunted location with a full paranormal team of investigators and mediums. You can get involved in group vigils, lone vigils, experiments, spirit boards, dowsing, spirit boxes, night vision, evps and much more.

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  • Featured Ghost Hunts

Spiritus House
Spiritus House Worcestershire
  • 85 High Street, Evesham
  • Worcestershire
  • £39.00
St Johns Mansion Warwickshire
St Johns Mansion Warwickshire
  • St Johns, Warwick
  • Warwickshire
  • £49.00 
Steelhouse Lane Lockup
The Lock Up Birmingham
  • The Lock Up, Birmingham
  • West Midlands
  • £39.00 – Selling Fast
No. 30 East Drive Yorkshire
  • 30 East Drive, Pontefract
  • West Yorkshire
  • £79.00
  • Featured Ghost Walks

Rugby Ghost Tour
Haunted Rugby Ghost Walk
  • Rugby Ghost Walk
  • Walking Tour – 1 Hours
  • £5.00
Tragedy Tour Stratford
The Tragedy Tour Stratford-on-Avon
The Tragedy Tour
  • Walking Tour – 1.5 Hour
  • £10.95 or 2 For £19.95
Deaths Door Warwick
Deaths Door Tour Warwick
  • Deaths Door
  • Walking Tour – 1.5 Hours
  • £10.95 or 2 for £19.95
The Angel Tour
The Original Angel Tour Coventry
  • The Angel Tour
  • Walking Tour – 1.5 Hours
  • £10.95 or 2 for £19.95
  • Featured Nightwatch Events

The Birmingham Catacombs
The Catacombs Birmingham
  • Birmingham Catacombs
  • Nightwatch Event 1.5 Hours
  • £12.95
The Riverside Stratford
The Haunted Riverside Stratford-on-Avon
  • Stratford Riverside
  • Nightwatch Event 
  • 1.5 Hours
  • £12.95
Berkswell Haunted Lake & Woodland
Lake & Woodland Berkswell
  • Lake & Woodland
  • Nightwatch Event 1.5 Hours
  • £12.95
St Johns Northamptonshire
The Old Ruins Northampton
  • The Old Ruins
  • Nightwatch Event 1.5 Hours
  • £12.95
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